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King Solomon Ring Protection Power Ring Seal Of Solomon Star Of David by: Antiquity Jewelry CALL +27810027536

  • March 13, 2018
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Price : MWK1,200(Negotiable)
Date : March 13, 2018
Location : Canada

King Solomon Ring Protection Power Ring Seal Of Solomon Star Of David by: Antiquity Jewelry CALL +27810027536


I would not be caught without the King Solomon Ring! 

In these dangerous and uncertain times, I just don’t see how anyone can be or would want to be caught without this magical protection Ring.

King Solomon, was the mightiest and wisest ruler of the earth that ever was or shall be. He prayed fervently to God,

on account of his modest request for wisdom only, Solomon was rewarded with riches and an unprecedented glorious realm,

which extended over the upper world inhabited by the angels and over the whole of the terrestrial globe with all its inhabitants,

including all the beasts, fowls, and reptiles, as well as spirits. The archangel Michael appeared before? him and said:

Take this ring, O Solomon King, son of? David, the gift which the Lord God Tsabaoth hath sent unto thee. Wear this Ring, and all spirits Jinns,

Angels, men and the elements you will summon and command to render service for whatever you desireth.

Engraved with the Ineffable and most Great Name of God and a seal. He used the Magic Ring as a Signet Ring,

also to enslave the Jinn’s to help build the Temple.

As Legend has it, No mortal is able entirely to understand the power of this ring, because no one thoroughly understands the secret signs engraved upon it. But even with my half-knowledge I can work great wonders. If I put the ring upon the little finger of my left hand, then I can fly like a bird through the air wherever I wish to go. If I put it on the third finger of my left hand I am invisible, and I can see everything that passes around me, though no one can see me. If I put the ring upon the middle finger of my left hand, then neither fire nor water nor any sharp weapon can hurt me. If I put it on the forefinger of my left hand, then I can with its help produce whatever I wish. I can in a single moment build houses or anything I desire. Finally, as long as I wear the ring on the thumb of my left hand, that hand is so strong that it can break down rocks and walls. Besides these, the ring has other secret signs which, as I said, no one can understand. No doubt it contains secrets of great importance. The ring formerly belonged to King Solomon, the wisest of kings, during whose reign the wisest men lived. But it is not known whether this ring was ever made by mortal hands: it is supposed that an angel gave it to the wise King.

Upon this ring is written the ineffable and most powerful name of God and around the ring there are the names of two Arch Angels and inside the ring the unspoken name of God. 

This ring, is Solid Sterling Silver .925, very durable and it weigh’s 25 grams.

This ring is hand carved and crafted in a vintage finish.

Available sizes: 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12

(For other sizes it will take about 2 weeks)

free shipping in the USA

There are shipping and handling fees for international shipping, please contact us for details.

Upon purchase, You will receive a password to activate the Magic Ring’s Power!

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